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Benjamin guitar models 2015



M New!!

Concert New, full details soon!

12-Fret 000


14-fret 00

In addition to the above models I can also offer high tuned Terz guitars,
low tuned Baritone guitars (usually based on my Jumbo model), a
nylon-string cross-over model and if anyone wants to order the first
Benjamin Martin style Dreadnought....!

There are various models I have offered in the past such as my MJ
(Midi-Jumbo) that I am still happy to produce but have not put on the
current website - please feel free to ask about anything you don't see on
the website!

Custom one-off shapes will be considered but a mold making and design
fee of around £1500 will be applicable.


Dimensions of each Model

lower bout/waist/upper bout/length

Jumbo 415/238/296/523mm

JOM 400/248/296/511mm

M 405/249/299/483mm

Concert TBC

000 381/235/289/525mm

OM 381/239/287/492mm

00 363/210/257/481mm

Jumbo and all custom ordered wedge bodied guitars usually have sides
that are 115mm deep (plus top and back thicknesses: approx 5mm) at
the deepest point, approx 100mm where your arm sits and 85mm at the
neck end.

JOM, OM, 000 and 00 all usually have 100mm deep sides tapering to
80mm at the neck end, the first versions of the new 'M' model were
5mm deeper.

Depth dimensions in particular are subject to variation on individual
guitars depending on my feelings on voicing for a particular customer
and also variations in back and top arching used to achieve different
response biases.


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