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Jumbo Orchestra Model - 'JOM'

The Benjamin JOM has become deeply associated with one of my best
known customers; Newton Faulkner, and is a model I make again and
again for performing customers including Ryan Keen and Mike Dawes
amongst many others.

I first designed this model not from the standpoint of a large Martin
'Orchestra Model' but rather as a guitar that would be just the right size
to offer the most comfortable feel combined with as versatile a sound as
possible. I gave it various names until I realised Dana Bourgeois' model
of a similar size and shape had a name that tripped off the tongue far
more easily than the names I had come up with and described exactly
what the guitar was; particularly as I rapidly found it worked really well
with quite a shallow body like an OM.

I build this guitar almost exclusively from Mahogany and Sitka spruce
with Indian rosewood plus Alpine spruce being a more occasional
additional favourite. I originally designed this guitar to be a 'player's
instrument' and it is indeed one that is very forgiving in all situations;
from long practice or recording sessions with its easy string feel; to
amplified performance - this model loves pickups and will cope with a
broad range of tunings and techniques. You can hear the charateristic
tone of a Mahogany and Sitka Benjamin JOM particularly well on
Newton Faulkner's number one album 'Handbuilt By Robots'.






Jumbo M Concert 000 OM 00


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