Celebrating 25 years of guitar building!

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Welcome to the newly updated and leaner website of Nick Benjamin,

acoustic guitar-maker.


As of June 2015, my waiting list is open again after two years of catching up with

a large back-log of orders. Waiting time for new orders will be kept between two

and three years from now on and the list will shut again if it looks like exceeding this.


Summer 2015 marks 25 years since I started building my first guitar and

the completion of my 150th instrument.

Thanks to all the people who have used my guitars over that time!!


Here is a Gallery of some of my past work!


BENJAMIN GUITARS are made in a small workshop by one person from start to finish

at the rate of around 10 a year. My mission statement is to produce guitars designed to be

used day-in-day-out by both professional performing musicians and keen amateur players.

Adornment is kept to a minimum and time spent in voicing, adjustment and quality-control

is therefore maximized. The standard design of BENJAMIN GUITARS has evolved over

the years to suit the modern player's needs of; playability in a broad range of tunings

and styles; even and stable amplified and recorded sound; a colourful, harmonically

rich tone that responds musically and easily to enable you to concentrate on the music.

All BENJAMIN GUITARS are sold direct so prices are not inflated to allow selling

through dealers and VAT is also avoided. Most guitars are made to order.



For day-to-day updates, thoughts etc; come and make friends on my Facebook page


about models options players ordering/prices Facebook